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By Kamil Sobczyk

Short sleeveless jacket, top class. Geometric shapes cut on the front, which gives it a trendy look. With two zipped pockets, it will be your efficient partner for all personal or professional activities requiring a light and flexible garment.

Over neat a t-shirt or tank top, you will be on the latest fashions, while being perfectly comfortable.

Composition: polyester.

Made to order. An additional delay of 5 business days is required for manufacturing.

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Kamil Sobczyk

Who am I? I'm a polish designer. I started designing because I wanted to change people ways of thinking about fashion. My ambition is to make a man or a woman feel chic, modern, flawless and glamorous. I’m graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. I was finalist of the reality show Project Runaway, and of some international contests like Fashion Designer Awards, Re-Ac...

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