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By Kamil Sobczyk

These jogging pants are also fashionable and trendy.
At the end of your jogging, you can use them for sports. This model causes a great impact.
Decorated with rivets, these thick cotton jogging pants have geometric cutouts.

Blue cord closure at the waist.
These pants are perfect to have a sporty look without having to play sports.
Made of: cotton, spandex

Made to order. An additional delay of 5 business days is required for manufacturing.

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Kamil Sobczyk

Who am I? I'm a polish designer. I started designing because I wanted to change people ways of thinking about fashion. My ambition is to make a man or a woman feel chic, modern, flawless and glamorous. I’m graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. I was finalist of the reality show Project Runaway, and of some international contests like Fashion Designer Awards, Re-Ac...

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