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By Kamil Sobczyk

Long black coat with leather sleeves and one leather square on right shoulder to give a modern effect. A woolen belt at the waist and top button to close impeccably this exceptional quality fabric coat.

Double oblique pocket on the sides and upper neck that you can use to protect you from wind and cold weather. Wear it with nylon pants or casual jeans.

Made to order. An additional delay of 5 business days is required for manufacturing.

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Kamil Sobczyk

Who am I? I'm a polish designer. I started designing because I wanted to change people ways of thinking about fashion. My ambition is to make a man or a woman feel chic, modern, flawless and glamorous. I’m graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. I was finalist of the reality show Project Runaway, and of some international contests like Fashion Designer Awards, Re-Ac...

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