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Les Herbes Hautes

On the glade in the city, two friends meet there, remake the world, laughing and invent a Parisian brand influenced by the whole world. Thanina, Cheyenne, Boluda ...

The Herbes hautes is an accessories brand founded in 2011 by Rebecca Anne-Sophie, two young Parisian graduates from Studio Bercot in fashion and modeling, united by the same passion for fashion and the desire to create.

The Herbes hautes is above all a state of mind that evokes the desire to discover, friendship, love, frivolity, sharing the taste of the "handmade" and beautiful things. The Herbes hautes are handcrafted in a traditional way. The Dyes and the weaving handmade are unique. The variations in color and pattern are the expression of their authenticity.

Les herbes hautes

"Since 2011, our collection of bags and pouches are inspired by our travels in Paris to breathe better. With red string, an irrepressible taste for handmade and natural materials, not snobs." Rebecca

"The eyes always wide open, we draw our inspiration during our travels around the world and quite simply in Paris." Anne-Sophie.

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