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Kamil Sobczyk

Who am I?

I'm a polish designer. I started designing because I wanted to change people ways of thinking about fashion.
My ambition is to make a man or a woman feel chic, modern, flawless and glamorous.
I’m graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.

I was finalist of the reality show Project Runaway, and of some international contests like Fashion Designer Awards, Re-Act Fashion Show, fabrics and textiles contest CCC Crush - Rooms for free.

Kamil Sobczyk new fashion designer poland

I try to do different things, I don't want to be stuck in a special category. I can easily design T-shirt or a
beautiful evening gown, totally trendy Premiere Vision outfit or Haute Couture apparel.
On my way I pursue a defined goal and I'm constantly moving forward. I’d like to shock people in a positive way. I would be pleased if people can perceive my design as a work of art.


Kamil Sobczyk new fashion designer

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