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We are two young French entrepreneurs with Togolese origins. The team is composed by brother and sister (less than 30 years old) The brother is a multi-task autodidact and sister learns Fashion in a Parisian fashion school.

What we are inspired by? LIFE! Colors and patterns we find in the street, all around us. Shapes around us, buildings, human beings, nature. All that we are inspired by, this is all that comes from. Lyrics, products, emotions. As a matter of course, Africa our origins! Africa takes part of our life everyday and we went there in 2010 in order to meet (her). It was like a (re-)discovery.

Our collection is named “Be”. This is a self-celebration toward a brand of men clothing collection. Keve is a brand of clothes from ethnical inspiration. It makes out by its particular style mixing European “prêt-a-porter” conformity to traditional African materials.

The man shirt is the brand principal item. Keve also offers unique fashioned pieces. This new brand is emerging and is approaching trendy and urban people attached to authentic things and strong values.

The FW13-14 collection called « Be » is composed of men shirts of three differents styles. The first one is called Oxford. These shirts fit in with the crowd and are made of classical material and fine touch of wax. The second style is made of wax material and classical material, for those who want something little more African. These are the Kara shirts. The third style is the Saint Louis’ style. It is made in majority of wax. These shirts are made in Lomé in Togo by craftsman tailor.

Keve also offers unique pieces or custom-built.

Why? Why are we there? Our aim is to share our ideas and dress the most people we can without any limit. We want African treasures become more accessible. Wax and bazin are materials that we are particularly fond of. These materials have to shine everywhere, not only in Africa. Manufacturing in Africa is a conscious choice as the long-run objective is to create employment and activity in Africa especially in Lomé.

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