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Toranja a brand without compromising on the style and the quality.

Beyond the aesthetic appearance, the goal is to create practical and comfortable shoes. The most diverse textures come together to give life to unique models.

The toranja products are manufactured in Portugal from the finest materials and respectful of the environment.

Toranja is an original universe, authentic & Latin. Toranja literally translated in Portuguese as "grapefruit". A fruit that describes well the philosophy of the brand: pulpy, sweet, acid such as my creations: glamor, classy but also Rock'n Roll!

The story and the word of the creator of the brand Humberto Alves: "In 2009, after a business career blossomed, I cross the path of José Reis, Portuguese designer recognized in Europe and fall in love with his style. After two years spent to draw my own designs under the watchful eye of my mentor, I decided to empower myself and created toranja, a brand that I want chic, shifted, ethics and timeless."

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