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Au Courant Paris


Born in Chicago, IL, Au Courant’s founder and creative director Chaz A. Jordan discovered his passion for clothing at a young age. “As early as six years old, I remember having to ‘approve’ the clothes my parents and relatives would set out for me before I even considered getting dressed.” What his family presumed was simply childish behavior would later transform into something beyond their imagination. 

“Growing up we never remained in one place, and I was fortunate enough to be able to observe different cultures’ styles and tastes. All of which became important sources of my inspiration. I would take certain aspects from each environment and mix and match until I found a particular look or style that I liked.” He often found himself sketching aesthetic blueprints of garments he wanted to wear, but could either not afford or find at local retailers.

During high school Chaz created an online platform for shoppers like himself to come and find where and who to contact for the latest in fashion. After a successful 2 years of running the platform he became more interested in the brands themselves and their internal operations. This would ultimately be the beginning of his journey into the fashion industry.

In 2011, a simple concept envisioned by Chaz gave birth to Au Courant. After working at RSVP Gallery under Virgil Abloh & Don C (Kanye West's artistic director and manager, respectively), curiosity and the pursuit of refined design perfection became Chaz’s passion. He knew Chicago could only offer so much in this respect. As a result, he made the decision to relocate Au Courant to the fashion capital of the world, Paris, France.

The Brand:

Au Courant, the French word meaning “in the current,” is the independent namesake brand by Chaz A. Jordan. Dissatisfied by the commercial offerings of many labels, Au Courant was formed in 2011 as a personal artistic endeavor. Au Courant has quickly gained an international cult following amongst clients, buyers, celebrities and stylists alike from North America, Europe, and Asia.

Despite the recent conservative approach to fashion, Au Courant refrains from market pressures that hinder its innovative repertoire. Au Courant bridges the gap between avant-garde fashion, street culture and the ever changing display of individualistic style by digressing from “fashion seasons” to the adaptation of an ongoing design approach—when inspiration strikes, inspiration is designed.  

Having cemented its posture as one of the top up-and-coming couture labels, Au Courant Paris continuously blends elements of avant-garde fashion with the functionality and discipline exhibited in the wardrobes of the Far East. Loose silhouettes, leather trims, and glistening zipper contrasts create a deep catalog of timelessness. Au Courant redefines 'solid,' recreating classic concepts with an immense focus on quality and craftsmanship. It's a true embodiment of the streets, and a fresh take on the aesthetic side of the fashion spectrum. Seasonal lines transition from breezy basics to complex dissections, breathing life from the intricacies of the designer's vision directly into your everyday. 

Hand crafted in limited quantities using the highest quality textiles, skins and hardware from worldwide producers, each release encapsulates relevant aspects of art, design, and pop culture with an exclusive and elegant appeal. Au Courant aims to be forward thinking and devoid of market expectations while an open imagination for luxury and distinctiveness prevails as the brand’s driving ethos.

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