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Mademoiselle chérie

Beatrice Ceschin the creator of "Mademoiselle chérie" entrusts herself:

My inspirations originate from my passion for 60 years. This passion was born from my earliest young age by listening to the songs of my idol, Claude François.

I also draw my ideas of the designers of the era such as Eames, Guariche, Le Corbusier. So I wanted to call my name "Mademoiselle chérie" in honor of this time that I love so much. Indeed, Mademoiselle chérie originates from the contraction of the magazine "Mademoiselle âge tendre" and the emblematic series of the time namely "les Saintes chéries".

I am a stylist, pattern maker, computer graphics designer for more than 15 years, I worked in various sectors of fashion such as high fashion, sportswear, but also supermarkets. Throughout my career I look closely at what I wanted to implement in my collections.

For me it is important that the finishes are also impeccable at the inside and outside of the garment. It is also important to work in small series to advocate the quality of materials and the finished products. I do not wish to create an industrial brand like Chinese products, but rather a heart blow and qualitative brand.

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